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These pictures were taken before the Cleveland Fire in 1992. Erosion since has removed many parts. The trail is substantially built, and runs from where the Ogilby (Oglesby) Grade toll road (1860-64) crosses Fry Creek up to the Counties road (1858). I do not know the history of the trail, but have conjectured that it was built by Ogilby to bring supplies down for the building of his road, and in particular, the place nearby where his bridge crossed the South Fork just below Fry and Alder Creeks.

The trail is shown (yellow highlight) on this 1916 map of the Eldorado National Forest running up to the "old County Road."

A later use of the Ogilby South Fork bridge site occurred nearly in the 1930s, when PG&E installed a temporary bridge to use the road from Alder Creek to above Whitehall for making improvements in "The Ditch"--the Eldorado Canal.
I also recall a temporary low level log bridge put in in the 1950s for a lumbering operation. Logs were then skidded up the riverbed to the Alder Creek Campground for loading on trucks. Made a terrible mess of the river!


 The water pipe carried water from a small dam to a tank which supplied a house built along the old road.

The Lake Tahoe Wagon road later followed this part of the Ogilby Grade Road, as did Highway 50 even later. The stone arch culvert at Fry Creek is rapidly disappearing with each freshet. The lower abutment (if gravity can be called that) sits on the face of a sloping granite monolith. The upper abutment is worse, as it is a lot of fill piled on the same monolith. It must have needed replacing every few seasons.

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