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Frémont and Carvalho sighting polaris in Rocky Mountains.

"Here was no chance work, no guessing, for a deviation of one mile, either way, from the true course, would have plunged the whole party into certain destruction...It seems as if Col. Frémont had been endowed with supernatural powers of vision, and that he penetrated with his keen and powerful eye through the limits of space, and saw the goal to which all his powers had been concentrated to reach. It was a feat of scientific correctness, probably without comparison in the records of the past." Soloman Nunez Carvalho, 1864

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I have found it necessary to raise the price from the previous printings. This is partly because of the additional cost of printing the added material, and increased printing rates. So, as of March 2016, the price is now:

$22.50 includes 3-day priority mailing anywhere in U.S. (I am eating the US Postal Service rate increases of May 2002, January 2006, March 2010, and now in 2016, so no change in mailing costs).

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