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1828 French 12 lb Mountain Howitzer

1835 U.S. 12 lb Mountain Howitzer


Download original plans in high resolution.

A third contender?
A 6" bore (12 pdr) French Mountain Howitzer from the Napoleonic Wars.
Note similarity to the howitzer in the Preuss drawing at Pyramid Lake

"I went to Paris and saw their collection of 1828 French Mountain Howitzers that the US howitzer was copied off of? And as suspected, they are dolphinless and look almost exactly like ours or more accurately, ours looks almost exactly like theirs. I am totally unconvinced with the other info you have on the short barrelled howitzer [System Gribeauval] you have on the webpage. It they existed, they were around on the north american continent but we have no proof they were ever issued to forces and were anything other than relics of earlier wars." Col. Paul Rosewitz

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Read THE CROSSING to find out where Frémont's Howitzer was left in 1844.



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