July 2002

A visit to Long Camp

Hi Bob,

My name is Dave Harrison and I work for the Forest Service in Carson City, NV. Last summer I ran into you at Carson Pass (on the paved part of the old road leading down to Red Lake). You gave me a copy of "The Crossing" which has become my Bible.

Using your directions, I went to site of the Long Camp in late May. I looked for your brass plate but, of course, couldn't find it since it had been stolen. But I was pretty sure I was in the right place based on your photos and the Preuss drawing.

Well, I was at the site again today (July 28), determined to confirm the site with my GPS unit. When I got to the top of the hill I saw a new aluminum or tin marker on the large tree. It didn't have as much info on it as you said the brass plate did but I figured it must have been placed there within the last few weeks since it wasn't there in June.

I am a history teacher at Carson High in Carson City for the school year, but I am the nature hike guy for the Forest Service in the summer, and I have been trying to develop a hike to the site of the Long Camp to show people where these hardy men spent so many days in the winter of 1844.

I really love your web site. You have done much good work and I'm very impressed. I have learned a lot. For many years I have read anything I could find about the Fremont. It is a hobby of sorts for me, and your research, book, and web site have offered me so much. Thanks.

Dave Harrison
Carson City, NV

This is what this web site is all about!

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