A Walker's Guide to Frémont's Long Camp

Campsite N38° 41' 02"; W119° 57' 22"; el. 8070' (EPE=6')
Preuss Vantage N38° 41' 01"; W119° 57' 18"; el. 8087' (EPE=6')

Drive south from Red Lake on Forestdale Road (called Blue Lakes Road on USGS maps). When you reach the approximate latitude 38 41 06 you will see a jeep road going up the hill to the east.

There is room to pull the car off the road and park.

Follow the jeep road to the east, keeping to the right when it forks. The road will drop down into a hollow. There is a fire ring.

Go straight up the hill to the east, keeping a lookout for two open areas to your left; you will see mule ears growing on their western slopes. The higher open area was Preuss's vantage when he drew the picture of the Long Camp.

Frémont's Long Camp is now a Geocache site. Click the Geocaching icon to visit the page.
Anyone with a GPS device can participate in this popular new hobby. There are probably many geocaches right near you. Geocacher LFlood found it: Thank you for your scholarship and efforts to preserve our history. This is a highly deserving cache location. I'm glad it is still in its pristine state.


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