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Frémont's Long Camp

The position of both the camp and the final crossing have been debated for many years:

1911: Smith, James U., Frémont's Expedition in Nevada, 1843-44, Second Biennial Report of the Nevada Historical Society, Carson City, 1911.

"Frémont was looking down on Lake Tahoe, probably from the summit of Stevens Peak...not until the 16th did Fitzpatrick succeed in transporting the baggage across the eastern ridges into Hope Valley... On a pine tree in this pass [Carson Pass], Kit Carson's name was cut, with the year 1844."

1914: Dellenbaugh, Fredrick S., Frémont and '49, G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1914.

"This camp was close to Carson Pass , latitude N38° 41' 57"."
(The erroneous latitude taken from the narrative of Frémont's Report.)

go Dellenbaugh included a map of the route--interesting.

1930: Farquhar, Francis P., Frémont the Sierra Nevada, Sierra Club Bulletin, Vol.XV, No.1, February , 1930.

"On February 20th the whole party camped on the summit of the pass, known thereafter as Carson Pass."

1955: Nevins, Allan, Frémont--the West's Greatest Adventurer (2Vols), Harper and Brothers, New York, 1928;Frémont--Pathmarker of the West, D. Appleon/Century Co., N.Y., 1939; Frémont--Pathmarker of the West (revised), Longmans, Green & Co., N.Y., 1955.

No position suggested in early editions. 1955 Revised Edition: "This Pass today called Carson Pass."

1958: Erwin G. and Elisabeth K., Gudde, Exploring With Frémont, University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, 1958.

"The actual point of the crossing has never been definitely established. It was somewhere near Carson Pass or north of it."

1959: Gianella, Vincent P., Where Frémont Crossed the Sierra in 1844, Sierra Club Bulletin, Vol.44, No.7, October , 1959.

"The latitude of the 'Long Camp' is given as 38° 41' 57" and for the summit (apparently estimated) 38° 44'...It would appear that there are two misprints here; the 57" given in the body of the report, should read 51", and 38° 44' for the summit, should be 38°42'."

"It was probably in the vicinity of Forestdale Creek."

go Details of the Dr. Gianella"s photograph, route, and positions.

1969: Farquhar, Francis P., History of the Sierra Nevada, University of California Press, Berkeley and Los Angeles, 1969.

"They had gained the Sierra crest at a point a little south of the present Carson Pass..."

1970: Jackson, Donald, and Mary Lee Spence, The Expeditions of John Charles Frémont: Vol. I, Travels from 1838 to 1844, University of Illinois Press, 1970.

"The party was at the foot of Elephant's Back, on the western side of Faith Valley, probably near Forestdale Creek...It is now generally conceded that the party traveled not through Carson Pass, but an unidentified and unnamed pass lying farther south."

1998: Howard, Thomas Frederick, Sierra Crossing, University of California Press, Berkeley, 1998.

"Their line of approach from Faith Valley makes it unlikely that they went through the exact notch of Carson Pass, which is aligned with Hope Valley. They are more likely to have crossed a mile or two to the south, in the vicinity of Frog Lake."


1996 go See the actual site discovered.


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