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The Crossing
by Bob Graham

Library of Congress 917.94/2043 21
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THE CROSSING describes the route of Frémont's 2nd Expedition from Bridgeport to Sutter's fort in the winter of 1844.

Each day of forty-one days of THE CROSSING contains all the text from that day of Frémont's Report to Congress.

It also contains all the text from the same day from the diary of Charles Preuss,

and from the autobiography of Kit Carson.

Each speaker is identified by an icon.

16 new pages, and much new formatting have been added to the previous printing.

In the 90 pages there are 177 footnotes, 15 maps identifying the locations, so that the route of the expedition can be followed, and some 21 illustrations from period publications and present day photographs.

There are detailed sections on Frémont's navigational techniques, including determination of elevations and determination of positions.

The book is printed on 24 lb. paper with a cloth taped perfect binding in pictorial colored wrappers. Click to see an enlarged image of the cover.

The location of the Long Camp, GPS coordinates, and a map to find the place are provided, as are clues to the location where the "Lost Frémont Cannon" was left on January 29, 1844.

There is also a Highway Guide for visiting many sites on the route by automobile (paved roads); it is referenced to the text of the Report.


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My favorite review of The Crossing--what it is all about!

Recent books that refer to The Crossing and to this website.

Pathfinder; John C Fremont and the Course of American Empire, Tom Chaffin's 2002 classic in a new University of Oklahoma Press edition.

A very nice mention and the URL to this website on the first page of the introduction. Wow!

John Charles Frémont: Western Pathfinder, Barbara Witteman, Capstone Press: Bridgestone Books, Part of Exploring the West Biographies, New York, 2002

This one is from a series of youth books. It contains links to the publisher's accompanying Internet search feature--FactHound--which leads to this website. A credit and url are also in the book.

Devil's Gate: Owning the Land, Owning the Story , Tom Rea, University of Oklahoma Press, 2006.

The history of the Sweetwater River valley in central Wyoming--a remote place including Devil's Gate, Independence Rock, and other sites along a stretch of the Oregon Trail.

And the Eldorado National Forest Interpretive Association's new guide, Hiking in the Greater Carson Pass Region, contains a map and hiking directions to Frémont's Long Camp, the historic site first discovered and presented on this website.

Navigational Aids, Linda D. Williams, Cavendish, Marshall Corporation, 2007

A look at tools used to get from one place to another, dating 5000 years ago right up to the present.

Andrew Menard, Sight Unseen: How Fremont's First Expedition Changed the American Landscape will be published by the University of Nebraska Press in Fall 2012.

Scott Stine's long long anticipated A Way Across the Mountain: The 1833 Sierran Crossing of Joseph R. Walker is due to be released at about the same time.

Way Across the Mountain: Joseph Walker's 1833 Trans-Sierran Passage and the Myth of Yosemite's Discovery, Scott Stine, Arthur H. Clark, San Francisco, and the University of Oklahoma Press.

Over the decades the tale of Walker's discovery of Yosemite has hardened to folklore. Dozens of historical works have construed it as a towering moment in the opening of the West. But in fact this tale of Yosemite's discovery has no basis or support in firsthand accounts of the 1833 Sierran crossing...
It's an Earthshaker!

©1999, 2007
Bob Graham