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Dellenbaugh, Fredrick S., Frémont and '49, G. P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1914.

Fredrick Dellenbaugh provided this map (here a portion) showing the route of Frémont's ascent to the Pass as he had determined it to be. I have highlighted the route, camps, and his notes as he had added them to a turn of the century topographical map of the area.
The route shown between the 2nd and 7th goes into Pleasant Valley, and then between Markleeville Peak and The Nipple and into Faith Valley--a route that is thoroughly impractical, cannot be accounted for from the narrative description in the Report, and has been suggested by no other researcher. Between the 7th and the 20th, the drawn route is approximately correct, but jumbled as to dates.


Here I have used the same map and drawn the revised route in blue. Note the dotted trail indication between the 3rd and 4th. This trail is shown on current quadrangle maps. Originally an Indian trail, it is also the route of travel used in the later 19th century. The passage below was written in 1870.

The trail from this place (Grovers [then Hawkins] Hot Springs) into Hope Valley [via Charity Valley] is one of the steepest we have yet attempted. It is a zigzag, up an almost perpendicular cliff. In many places there can be no doubt that a false step would have been certainly fatal to man and horse. In the steepest parts we dismounted and led the horses a great portion of the way up. In many places here was no detectable trail at all.
Le Conte, Joseph, A Journal of Ramblings through the High Sierra of California, The Sierra Club, San Francisco, 1930 ed.

For details of the route and camp locations, see:
THE ROUTE FROM MARKLEEVILLE: A walking examination following Frémont's narrative of the 1844 winter route from Markleeville to Charity Valley and the first view of Carson Pass, and

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