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(These images have been much reduced for this site.)

This is a piece of the USGS Fremont Peak Quadrangle DEM files made into a three dimentional image using MacDEM and POV_Ray software. The red route lines are the two routes taken by Frémont in 1842. The successful route was through Indian Basin, past three small lakes, to the foot of Jackson Peak. And then up. And up.

See also my views on the route taken.

BELOW This is the 1844 descent from Carson Pass to the South Fork of the American River. The quotation about the mountain wall is Frémont's. From this ridge, during three days travel, Lake Tahoe was visable to the northeast, and the Sacramento Valley to the west. That is Pyramid Peak to the north and Meyers Grade/Lake Valley to the east. See photo.

ABOVE This is another angle on the previous view. It shows Frémont's descent from Carson Pass to the canyon of the So. Fk. of the American.
It also shows the ascent of Pyramid Peak made by William Brewer (chief assistant , Whitney Survey) in 1863. Brewer made the 4000' climb straight up from Slippery Ford house, spent a couple of hours taking barometric readings and compass bearings, and walked back down for dinner.
If you go to the site of the Slippery Ford house, on the old Swan Toll Road, near the base of Lover's Leap," you can see how he made the ascent.
Isn't this fun stuff?

This is Frémont's approach to Carson Pass from Markleeville showing the camps of the 4th, 7th, 8th, and the Long Camp of the 10th through 20th. Follow a walking tour.


"Facts more terrible than thunder! Lightning, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions! Hear! Hear! Great news! War! Capt. Frémont of the United States Topographical Corps with sixty or more mounted riflemen has fortified himself on the heights between San Juan and Don Joaquin Gomez' rancho..."
Capt. Weber to John Marsh

The route (red) of the 3rd expedition to the peak in the Gabilan Range near San Juan Bautista. The exit was down Steinbeck Canyon.
Notice that the actual site of Frémont's hastily built log fort is not on Fremont Peak in the Fremont Peak State Park--rather unfortunate!

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The probable route of the howitzer on January 28th and 29th, 1944. It got as far as the first position, and no farther than the second. For a detailed description, read the Mountain Howitzer page on this web site.

Deep Creek, 1870, Joseph Le Conte.

On we rode, and presently a cañon, right across the way--and what a cañon!
"Surely it is impossible to cross that!"
A thousand feet deep, and less than a thousand feet wide at the top, and the sides seemingly perpendicular! But across it we must go. Already we see Hawkins and the advance guard near the top of the other side. We speak to them across the yawning chasm. The trail wound backward and forward, down one side, across the foaming stream, and then backward and forward up the other side.
See photos of the area.

go Frémont's Cannon (sound sample), by Richard Elloyan.

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